This ceremony is for couples who are already married but wish to “renew” the vows they took on their wedding day. There are no legal implications relating to this ceremony.

It might be performed on a significant wedding anniversary or, for couples who have had out of state or overseas weddings, this ceremony is a perfect way to allow local family and friends to celebrate your happy day with you.

Often, couples incorporate their original vows into the ceremony and sometimes even the original wedding party is reunited and the original music is used. Other couples may want something completely different. No matter what you choose, I can assist you in designing a ceremony that is personal and memorable.


A commitment ceremony is a public declaration by two people, regardless of gender, of their love for each other. It is not legally binding; however, it is still a very real commitment. These ceremonies are performed for many reasons. There may be circumstances why they cannot, or do not wish to, become legally wed. But everyone deserves the right to have their special day when they declare their love for each other in front of those who matter most to them, and a commitment ceremony is the perfect way to do that.

There is no specific language that is required by law, so this ceremony is completely at your discretion.


I offer you support & guidance in your time of grief to create a personalised funeral, for your loved one.

I can visit you at home to give us the opportunity to meet and begin creating a ceremony to reflect the history and the essence of your loved one. I can also help with choice of for music, readings, poems and rituals and liaise with the funeral directors to ensure that your service will run smoothly.


I can perform a baby naming for your child which reflects the parent’s joy and hopes for their child’s future.
Godparents can still be appointed and a certificate is given to the parents at the end of the ceremony